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Motorola may be working on two sizes of next gen Moto 360

Moto 360S 360L

It looks like Motorola may be catering to a bigger market with the next generation Moto 360. If these Anatel documents are accurate, there will be two different models of the smartwatch, one with the model number 360S and one with the number 360L.

Anatel is the Brazilian agency that approves electronics containing radios, much like the United States FCC, and these two devices passed through. The model numbers may be referring to size, like Apple’s two different size of watch. The battery capacities add to that theory, as they are 270 mAh and 375 mAh respectively. We might be seeing a small and a large watch coming soon.

This is definitely a great course of action, as some people with smaller wrists may want a less bulky smartwatch to wear on a daily basis. Others may want a larger display, like I do. Which size would you end up buying?

Source: 9to5 Google

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