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Photos of Huawei’s 5.7-inch Nexus pop up

Huawei Nexus

Nexus phones are always subject to a whole host of leaks, and with a rumor of two Nexus phones coming this year, that means double the leaks. This latest leak is claiming to show us Huawei’s 5.7-inch Nexus variant, which has been reported multiple other times. The photos show the front and back of the device as well as the device in a simple case, so let’s dive right in and talk about what we’re seeing.

The back of the device is silver, possibly made of metal, and has both a Huawei and Nexus logo, with the latter taking prominence. There’s also a circular cutout with a slight indentation which seems to have only one logical explanation of being a fingerprint scanner. There’s a rather protruding camera hump at the top, as well, not dissimilar to classic Android phones like the DROID line. Within that, we can see a camera lens and a dual LED flash. Huawei nexus (2)

The front is barebones, with speakers at the top and bottom and front-facing camera. The case doesn’t reveal anything new, but does show us that there’s still a cutout for that circular spot on the rear of the phone, further indicating that it’s a fingerprint scanner.

The photos leaked from a Google+ user in China who says he got them “from a friend.” Huawei is based in China and manufactures its devices there, so the story checks out in that regard. In any case, take the photos with a grain of salt, as we have yet to get any official confirmation on the next Nexus devices.

We’ll keep you up to speed on any more rumors and developments surrounding these new Nexus devices.

Huawei Nexus Huawei nexus (2) Huawei Nexus (3)

Via: Android Police

Source: Tiesen Fu (Google+)

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