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Project Ara pilot delayed until 2016, will be in US

Motorola Project Ara parts

Google’s Project Ara is one of the company’s more interesting creations. It’s a push by Google to create a modular phone that can be customized by customers, allowing them to swap out nearly all of the components including the camera, display and more. Not only would it allow a customer to create their perfect phone, but it can also save money for customers by allowing them to simply replace one broken component rather than the entire device.

Project Ara was scheduled for a pilot in Puerto Rico beginning later this year. Those plans have now been tossed and the pilot will occur in 2016 and this time, it’ll be within the US, though a specific location hasn’t yet been announced. The delay is reportedly due to a lot more iterations than the team planned for, which has led to a slowdown in development. The team also noted that the news doesn’t mean that Project Ara won’t come to Puerto Rico in the future, it just won’t be home to the pilot.

We’ll keep you posted on further updates regarding Project Ara.

Source: Project Ara (Twitter)

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