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Project Fi users can get a one-time $100 replacement of their Nexus 6

Nexus 6 (9)

Project Fi is one of Google’s latest experiments that turns the company into an MVNO. Currently, the only phone available through Fi is Google’s own Nexus 6. The program has had its perks, but Google is adding another one that’s quite significant. If you purchased your Nexus 6 through Project Fi, the company is offering a one-time $100 replacement within one year of purchase in case you damage your phone in some way.

While Google may not be offering a free replacement, $100 is a very reasonable price to replace a phone that, say, has a cracked screen or fell into some water. The best part is that you’re not required to pay any sort of monthly insurance fee to get the benefit. It simply comes with the fact that you’re a Project Fi user who purchased your Nexus 6 through the program.

Via: Android Central

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