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Samsung Fast Charge wireless charging pad coming soon

Samsung Fast Charge wireless charging pad

Samsung is no stranger to wireless charging, though for a long time it was an optional backing plate you could buy for some of the flagships. But now that its major flagships feature built-in wireless charging, the race for the best accessories is on.

Samsung has put up a product page for its new Fast Charge wireless charging pad, though the device is not yet released. This Qi charging pad will work with any Qi-enabled device, but it will feature fast charging for the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 edge+. Fast charging will cut 0-100 percent charging time by up to 50 minutes, being 1.4x as fast as regular wireless charging. For all other devices, it’s a basic Qi wireless charger.

It’s pricey at $69.99, but for Galaxy Note 5 and S6 edge+ users it’ll likely be worth it. Plus it comes with a multi-color LED halo to tell you the charging status of your device, which is cool. Would you be willing to buy one of these when it launches?

Source: Samsung

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