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‘Strategic realignment’ at HTC will leave 15 percent of the company’s employees jobless


With Q3 earning projections expected to be the worst in the company’s history, HTC is kicking off an internal realignment that will allow the company to focus on “profitable key areas of premium smartphones, virtual reality and connected lifestyle products.” While this means that HTC Vive and HTC’s upcoming wearables line are still on track, more than 2,000 of HTC’s employees will soon be looking for new jobs. HTC has not disclosed where the majority of the job cuts will be coming from, but we imagine front-line manufacturing positions will be the first to go as sales of HTC smartphone continue to drop.

While cutting 15 percent of its job force is a dramatic first step to get HTC back on track, the company will need to deliver a truly amazing flagship smartphone in 2016 if it wants to be taken seriously as a premium smartphone manufacturer. Cher Wang appears optimistic about HTC’s future, stating “this strategic realignment of our business will ensure that each product group has the right focus, the right resources and the right expertise.”

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Source: HTC

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