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The LG Rolly is a full-size keyboard that fits in your pocket

LG Rolly

As phones and tablets become more and more viable replacements for laptops, manufacturers are coming up with ways to create accessories that will enable more productivity. LG has just found a new one with the LG Rolly, a full-size keyboard that can roll up to fit in your pocket, which will inevitably cause plenty of jokes. Unlike many portable keyboards, the Rolly also features actual clicking keys that have a surprising 17mm key pitch, which is comparable to many desktops.

The Rolly is crafted from polycarbonate and ABS plastic, which allows it to feel much more like a traditional keyboard than most portable silicone keyboards that don’t have any key pitch. LG has also fitted the Rolly with a stand for phones and tablets up to 10 inches in size, with two plastic arms that fold out for extra support. The Rolly uses Bluetooth 3.0 to connect to devices and can be connected to up to two devices at the same time, with a dedicated key for switching between them. As for power, all it takes is a single AA battery to provide roughly three months of usage.

LG will launch the Rolly in the US in September, with further markets arriving later in the fourth quarter. Pricing and specifics will be released closer to launch.

Source: LG

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