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Tile announces new second generation hardware for keeping you connected to your things


If you are prone to losing things, Tile is exactly what you need in your life. Tile is a small, Bluetooth-enabled square that connects to your smartphone or tablet and serves as a beacon whenever pinged. It’s incredibly simple, which is exactly what makes it so good. And now, with the announcement of a second generation Tile, it’s getting even better.

Here’s how Tile works: You take a Tile unit, attach it to something like your keys, wallet, coat, bike, camera, etc. and connect that Tile to the Tile app. If you happen to lose one of those items, you can ping the Tile, which will make it play a loud noise helping you find it.

This week, Tile has announced the newest iteration of its hardware that features a few key improvements over first generation models. It’s now louder, so when you ping Tile you’ll be able to hear it better, and it can now help your find your lost phone. By tapping the “e” on the new Tile, your phone will play a noise helping you find it. If it’s out of Bluetooth range, you can check on another phone or online and see where the last place your phone was seen.

Use cases for Tile are plentiful, with people inventing new and creative ways to use Tile everyday. To get your own Tile, head on over to the website to pick one up for $25. If you buy multiple units, they will go down in price. T-Mobile is also giving away some new Tiles in celebration of the second generation Tile going on sale at Magenta. Be on the lookout for an Android and Me review coming in the future.

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