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YouTube Gaming is going live, Android app available now


Yesterday, a report surfaced that pointed to August 26 as the launch date for the long-awaited (by some) YouTube Gaming, Google’s direct answer to the massively popular Twitch streaming service.

And sure enough, YouTube Gaming is now going live. To christen the arrival of the newest streaming service on the ‘net, the Android app is also available for those users that want to get their streaming content on their mobile devices. As Google already announced earlier in the year, YouTube Gaming offers dedicated pages for games, as well as streamers, and even game publishers. There are even categories for Let’s Plays, Machinima, eSports and plenty of others to browse through.

The Android app says that there are more than 25,000 games to watch videos for on the app, and YouTube Gaming users can chat with other viewers as they watch their favorite streams. As you watch more videos, YouTube Gaming will recommend others for you to check out.

YouTube Gaming will be live streaming some major gaming events, too, including PAX, Gamescom, E3 and more, and the app says that the YouTube Gaming community is already over “100 million strong.”

You’ll need to be running Android 4.1 and up to take full advantage of the app. A┬álink to it is down below.

Do you plan on checking out YouTube Gaming, or are you sticking with Twitch?

Source: YouTube Gaming (Play Store)

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