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YouTube Gaming streaming site launching tomorrow

YouTube Gaming

Twitch is extremely popular these days. It’s a livestreaming site where people can stream themselves playing video games while others watch, chat, and interact with the streamer. It has brought a new level of interacting with popular online video game personalities, and people are taking full advantage of it.

YouTube is still the home of gaming videos, though, and so in an effort to compete with Twitch, Google is launching YouTube Gaming tomorrow in the US and the UK. This site,, will go live tomorrow will access to channels for both streamers (like Twitch) and specific games. You will be able to check out the best videos for more than 25,000 games with their own channels.

The site and mobile apps for iOS and Android will be launching tomorrow, so keep your eye on the site and we’ll see where this goes! It might be rough at first, but with YouTube’s money, it might even become better than Twitch.

Source: Gamespot

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