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Check out TYLT’s latest car charging and cable awesomeness


About one month ago, TYLT added two new exciting products to their already fantastic line of charging accessories for mobile devices. They are are the FLYP-DUO, a 2-in-1 patented reversible USB 2.0 cable with built-in Lightning and micro-USB connectors, and the Y-CHARGE [QUIK], a 4.8 Amp dual USB port car charger with Qualcomm Quick Charge. We were sent these products recently to put them through their paces and I did that and even more, like making a plot in Excel for you guys.


I’m pretty sure it’s a proven scientific fact that you can’t plug in a USB cable the correct way the first time. And if you suck as bad as I do, it often takes three tries to plug it in the right way. It doesn’t even make sense. If you’re tired of wasting your time or enduring the frustration of plugging your USB cable in the wrong way, then you’ll want to check out the updated version of the SYNCABLE DUO cable, which TYLT has figured out a way to make even more awesome than it already was. The FLYP-DUO has a patented reversible USB. You can plug it in your USB port right-side-up or upside-down. Actually, with this cable there is no wrong side. If you belong to a home with Apple and Android devices, the FLYP-DUO has built in micro-USB and Lightning connectors. It’s a sync cable, so you can use it to just charge your devices or connect to your computer to transfer data. It’s also built with a flat ribbon-style cable that is supposed to help avoid tangling. I think the flat design looks nice, but don’t really have a problem with tangled cables. I think the flat cable just makes wrapping up the cable for storage kind of difficult, but you may find it super helpful. The FLYP-DUO works as advertised. I can plug it into USB ports with confidence knowing I don’t have to worry about it being oriented the wrong way. I’ve plugged it in first try every time. Life upgraded. My only concern with the TYLT FLYP-DUO is that dang price tag. TYLT products are not cheap, but I can attest to their high quality feel and 1-year warranty. The FLYP-DUO will set you back $24.99 for a 1 foot cable and $29.99 for a 3.3 foot cable. It is available now from TYLT in four typical brilliant TYLT colors: black, red, blue and green. But if you look hard, there are significantly cheaper, potentially patent-infringing, reversible USB cables out there.


The second of TYLT’s new offerings is the Y-CHARGE [QUIK]. Really, the name says it all. It’s a dual USB car charger in the shape of a Y. It can ouput a total of 4.8 Amps, with 2.4 Amps going to each device plugged into it. This makes it possible to charge your mobile devices pretty dang fast, especially compared to a cheap 1 Amp charger. But what makes this TYLT car charger stand out from the crowd is the what gives it the [QUIK] part of its name: Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0. According to TYLT and Qualcomm, this TYLT charger can charge Quick Charge 2.0 devices up to 75 percent faster than non-Quick Charge devices. Some common phones with Quick Charge 2.0 are the Nexus 6, Galaxy Note 4, and HTC One M8. I happen to have a Nexus 6, so I decided to put the Y-CHARGE [QUIK] to the test. TYLT Y-CHARGE [QUIK] vs RIBBN I compared the TYLT Y-CHARGE [QUIK] to the TYLT RIBBN. Both 4.8 Amp dual USB port chargers with max 2.4 Amp output to each port. Both were during my commute to and from work while navigating via Google Maps and streaming music over Bluetooth. Both started at different battery levels, but that shouldn’t effect the charging rates. Fitting a linear model to the data in the plot above, the Y-CHARGE [QUIK] charged about 0.7 percent per minute vs the RIBBN at 0.36 percent per minute. Thats basically double the speed for the Y-CHARGE [QUIK] versus the RIBBN. That’s significant, especially if you’re someone that’s always on the go and you’re often away from a wall outlet. This could be a game changer. The TYLT Y-CHARGE [QUIK] is available now from TYLT or Amazon for $39.99 in blue and black color options. That’s not cheap — I say this every time I review a TYLT product review — and there are cheaper Qualcomm-certified Quick Charge 2.0 devices out there, but this one has worked great for me. It’s a unique, great-looking charger that comes with a 1 year warranty, and I’m definitely impressed with it. So what are your thoughts on these new devices from TYLT? Are they hot? Are they not? Too pricey? If you can be patient, I pretty sure TYLT has run killer Black Friday weekend deals on all their devices the last two years, so you might be able to pick these new accessories up on the cheap in November. Let us know your thought or if you have any questions by commenting below.

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