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Review: Wondershare MobileGo

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MobileGo from Wondershare is kind of two products. The first, the MobileGo app for Android, is a device cleaning and optimization app with a bunch of features to help speed up and boost your phone’s performance. The second is a companion app for the PC that provides a slew of features and tools for managing your Android device.

You can use the free MobileGo Android app as a standalone product if you wish. It comprises an app manager and device optimization tools, as well as a section dedicated to troubleshooting system issues you may face.

MobileGo screens 1The app manager allows you to see how much space each app is eating up and individually or bulk uninstall them. The optimization tools can provide a memory boost by clearing background processes and removing any junk files and caches that are unnecessary and causing lag. I’m always skeptical of how well these apps work as many background processes immediately begin running again after the scan has stopped, and it’s just the same with MobileGo.

There’s also a home screen widget that provides quick access to the RAM boosting feature with a swipe and a quick-access sheet of toggles providing access to your device’s settings and features like the camera and flashlight that can be slid in from the right. It replicates a lot of the settings found within the notification drawer, but there are some extras in there.

The “Mobile Pros” section, featuring Android FAQs and troubleshooting trips, is handy if your issue has been discussed by other MobileGo users. There are a number of device specific topics and recommended solutions, but I kept forgetting this section was present and defaulted to searching the web. Depending on your experience, you might find some useful tips in there.

MobileGo screens 2In the MobileGo app, you can also manage your files, identify areas where the majority of your storage is being taken and selectively delete image, video and audio files. One neat feature of MobileGo is its ability to find similar looking photos in your library, easily allowing you to spot files that could be deleted to save space.

As far as the UI goes, it’s easy enough to understand. There are some features hidden away in the settings, but with a little exploration and you’ll have MobileGo figured out.

MobileGo goes beyond just a device optmization and media management app though. The app extends to the desktop with a Windows app that provides more tools for your Android device. On the desktop, you can backup or restore your device, manage your media and apps, transfer data between phones, and more.

Wondershare mobilego pc 1To access all of MobileGo’s features on the desktop, you’ll of course have to be comfortable enabling USB debugging on the desired device. Once done, connecting is easily achieved over USB or Wi-Fi (with an on-screen QR code for easy pairing).

The management tools in MobileGo on the desktop are comprehensive. It’s great to have a tool that is able to manage everything from apps to contacts to media as well as backing up and restoring. For music, MobileGo plays nice with iTunes if that’s important to you and backing up is easily done with one click. You can even send SMS messages via your PC when your phone is connected and mirror your phone’s screen on your laptop or desktop machine.

Important for many is the ability to root their devices. Rooting comes with its own set of pros and cons, but MobileGo can root your device for you in a simple process that also requires only one click.

Wondershare mobilego pc 2MobileGo’s desktop software works well enough and is straightforward. I only encountered a couple of bugs and hiccups during testing but like the mobile app, a little exploration goes a long way. MobileGo supports most handsets from all the major OEMs but if you’re unsure if yours is on the list, you can find out here.

The main drawback to using MobileGo on the desktop is the required Wondershare Passport account. Users can sign up for one with their email, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ credentials and use it across Wondershare’s products, but doing so might not be for everyone.

MobileGo for Android is available free from Google Play and the Windows client can also be grabbed for free from the MobileGo site.

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