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Instagram gains support for portrait and landscape content

Instagram landscape orientation

Instagram is one of the more popular social networks out there, letting users share their favorite photos and videos. But the company has decided to start thinking “Outside the Square” and has just announced that Instagram will now support even more ways to share your content.

On August 27, Instagram officially announced that it now supports both portrait and landscape content. The company says that the square format is always going to stick around, as it’s part of what makes Instagram Instagram, but admits that the visual story that users try to tell with their content has to expand to match their needs. The story comes first, as they say on their official blog post, and so new ways to show off that story are finally here.

Now when a user uploads a photo, they can tap on the format icon to adjust accordingly, switching between landscape or portrait orientation. While the profile grid will keep photos the way they’re always presented, when looking through your Instagram feed, those portrait and landscape images should show up in their full glory, without that pesky box cutting things out.

The orientation support will work on videos, too, and Instagram is making it so all filters work on all types of content, should should make sharing and discovering even easier.

Instagram version 7.5 should be available now in the Play Store, and you’ll find a link to it below.

Via: Instagram Blog

Source: Instagram (Play Store)

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