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Amazon has a 10-inch Fire tablet in the works

Amazon Kindle Fire 10

10-inch tablets celebrated a vogue when Android tablets first started to fill the market. Then they shrank away for a time as smaller, more portable tablets stole the scene. Flash forward to today, and larger tablets are starting to become prevalent again. Amazon, never one to miss an opportunity, looks to be cashing in on the movement by creating a 10-inch Fire tablet.

Amazon has traditionally had two size options of 7 inches and 8.9 inches for the Fire line. But a 10-inch option could either replace the 8.9-inch model or serve as a new tablet hub for multimedia and productivity, depending on how Amazon markets the device.

This latest leak comes courtesy of notorious leakerĀ @evleaks, who gave us a picture to go along with the news. Per usual with Amazon, the style is rather plain, with a touch of industrial looks. The back appears to be made out of piano black gloss plastic with a large silver Amazon logo. We can also see front and rear cameras and a power button and volume rocker that are on top of the device. Interestingly, the device is styled to be used in portrait, but the power button and volume rocker on top also make it easy to use in landscape.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the leak is the software. Amazon looks to be toning down its heavy UI overlay. While the software has clearly been customized, it more closely resembles stock Android Lollipop and features new transparent UI elements, rather than the heavy textures and shadows that we’ve previously seen.

We’ll keep you posted on any future leaks regarding Amazon’s 10-inch Fire tablet.

Source: @evleaks

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