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Amazon is no longer selling the Fire Phone


It was a long time coming, but Amazon has finally burned through the last of its Fire Phone inventory. The company revealed the Fire Phone in summer of 2014 with much talk about its unique features, such as a 3D UI based on how you looked at the phone. Sadly, the Fire Phone didn’t deliver on expectations, with too many gimmicks combined with a high price.

After taking a big hit with the lackluster Fire Phone sales, Amazon tried to move through its inventory with loads of sales and price cuts. It tried cutting the price down to $0.99 on contract with AT&T and this summer, it dropped the off-contract price to $159. That final price cut seemed to do the trick, as many picked up the Fire Phone in large part due to the fact that it came with a free year of Amazon Prime, a $99 value.

Amazon has now listed the Fire Phone as currently unavailable with the disclaimer that it doesn’t know when it will be back in stock. That seemed final, but an Amazon spokesperson has confirmed that the company has indeed sold out of its stock of the Fire Phone, with the final units being sold at the end of August.

Goodbye, Fire Phone. You were naught but a candle in the wind.

Via: GeekWire

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