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Amazon’s reportedly readying a 6-inch tablet with a $50 price tag


Cheap Android tablets have been a thing for years now, but the problem with most of ‘em is that, well, they tend to suck. Amazon apparently hopes to change that later this year.

The Wall Street Journal claims that Amazon is planning to launch a 6-inch tablet that’ll cost just $50. The company reportedly outsourced a lot of the tablet’s development to overseas companies like Shanghai Huaqin Telecom Technology Co. and Compal Communications Inc. in order to help get its price down.

In terms of specs, the only detail included in today’s report is that the device will include a mono speaker. Considering that this is Amazon we’re talking about, it seems like a safe bet that Amazon’s Android-based Fire OS will power the device.

Last year we saw Amazon introduce a 6-inch Fire tablet that was priced at $100, which is a reasonable price for a small Android tablet from a big-name company like Amazon. A $50 6-inch tablet could be big for Amazon, though, giving consumers a super-cheap slate to buy during the holiday season. It could be interesting for folks not looking for a gift, too, because $50 for a tablet would probably an impulse buy for a lot of people.

Would you be interested in a 6-inch Amazon tablet for $50?

Via: Android Central

Source: WSJ

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