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BlackBerry Venice leaks continue with new image, retail name reveal


The BlackBerry Venice has been the star of a number of leaks lately, including reports that suggest that it’ll launch on all four US carriers in November. Despite all of those leaks, though, we’ve never known what the Venice will be known as once it actually hits store shelves. That is, until today.

According to Evan Blass, the source of many BlackBerry Venice leaks in the past, the Venice will be known as the “BlackBerry Priv” when it launches later this year. Blass also shared a new render of the Priv that shows the device with its screen slid up and its physical keyboard exposed.

BlackBerry Priv certainly sounds like a strange name at first, but it’s not all that weird when you think about it. BlackBerry is all about security, and because “BlackBerry Private” might be an even weirder name, the company likely went with “BlackBerry Priv” as a way reference the security of its new Android phone, especially compared to other Android devices.

As far as specs go, so far it’s only been suggested that the Priv will sport an 18-megapixel rear camera. If the Priv is indeed slated for launch in November, though, we should get more details about BlackBerry’s Android slider soon. Stay tuned!

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