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Facebook working on a dislike button, but not the one we want


A lot of people have been begging for a dislike button on Facebook. We all have those friends that just post things we want to dislike. It’s human nature. And Mark Zuckerberg announced today that a dislike button is in the works, though it’s not quite what people wanted.

He said that Facebook is trying to avoid a system like Reddit, where posts can be downvoted. And I can see what he means, Facebook isn’t exactly a place where things should be downvoted. You post what you want, unlike Reddit where you post what others want to see. The system will soon be in its testing phase, so don’t expect to see a public launch just yet.

The dislike button will be for disliking sad post, and other such cases where you’d feel bad for liking a post but want to show your support. Yes, it’s not what people have been asking for, but it’s arguably for the best that people don’t get a real dislike button. Although, it would truly be fun.

Source: CNBC

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