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Google begins rolling out Android Pay today


Android Pay was made official not too long ago, and while Verizon Wireless may have assumed that the mobile payment option would be launching on September 16, it looks like Google is ready to start the ball rolling now. With an official blog post, the company has announced that it has begun rolling out Android Pay today, September 10.

In the post, Google goes over the basics of Android Pay as a refresher of sorts, outlining that the mobile payment option works with the major card issuers, including Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express. Google also says that Android Pay works at over one million (“and counting…”) locations across the United States, which includes retailers like Babies ‘R’ Us, GameStop, Bloomingdales, Rite Aide, Sports Authority, Petco, and many others.

To access Android Pay, you’ll need to have NFC enabled on your Android 4.4 or later device.

Google outlines the security benefits of using Android Pay, too, saying that your credit or debit card’s information is never sent along with the payment you make, instead using a virtual account number in its place for an “extra layer” of protection.

Do you plan on using Android Pay?

Source: Official Android Blog

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