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Google has a new logo and brand identity


Google, its logo and the icons associated with it have become mainstays of not just the Internet or a browser window on your desktop, but your smartphone, your tablet, your watch and your car. Google wants its logo and brand identity to reflect this. Until now, Google has been introducing new icons and animations that build off its original logo from back in the late 90s. Today, that changes.

Announced on the official Google blog, Google is “introducing a new logo and identity family” to better fit its modern image and widespread use. The colors are still the same — blue, red, yellow and green — but the logo is now a cleaner sans serif font. Gone is the little “g” icon that was used in things like search bars, replaced by a colorful “G”. Even the mic logo is changing to feature Google’s signature colors, to stand out more and call your attention to elements that are voice-action enabled.

The new logo and icons are already showing up all over online, and will continue to spread in the coming weeks. What do you think of Google’s new logo? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Google

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