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Google Play Music adding a family plan for up to six members for $14.99 per month

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Right now, Google Play Music is one of the strongest options for a streaming music service thanks to its plethora of content and an interface that’s easily navigated. One thing it has been missing, though, is a family plan. According to a new report, though, that’s changing — and soon.

Based on information gathered by Android Police, Google will be adding a family plan option to its Play Music All Access that will allow up to six different family members to have access to all of the streaming music they can get their hands on for only $14.99 per month. If that pricing pans out, it will automatically put Google Play Music as one of the leading options as far as pricing and music availability is concerned.

Comparing Play Music to Apple Music, for example, the latter option offers six members a family plan for only $14.99 per month as well, so it’s clear that Google wanted to compete with Apple right out of the gate. Plus, Spotify currently has different options for its own family plan, where pricing starts at $14.99 per month for two members, and rockets up to $29.99 per month for only five members.

This will be a welcomed addition to Google Play Music. If it does indeed launch, will you sign your family up to it?

Source: Android Police

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