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Google Play services updated to 8.1 to prepare for Marshmallow


The launch of Android 6.0 Marshmallow is nearing (allegedly it’ll launch October 5), and Google is preparing for it early. Google Play services has been updated to 8.1 in preparation for the new version of Android, but it includes improvements that are available to everyone.

The biggest change is support for the new Marshmallow permission system, which allows you to revoke permissions for apps. Developers will need to upgrade their apps to support this using the new SDK. Also included are app invites, which can allow users of your app invite others to check our the app via email or SMS.

For Android Wear users, Ambient Mode Maps is now possible. Your map will show up and move in Ambient Mode to save some battery by keeping things dark and simple. Google Nearby is also included, so apps will be able to take advantage of those around you in a new social way.

For more information (especially if you’re a developer), hit the source link and read up on the update. For everyone else, just wait for it to come to you!

Source: Android Developers Blog

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