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Google Street View becomes standalone app, aimed at exploration

Google Street View app

Google Street View has long been a staple of Google Maps, allowing you to explore an area as if you were there. It’s incredibly useful for looking for business, orienting yourself, getting a sense of parking in an area, or even just looking around for the heck of it. And now, Street View gets its own app for both Android and iOS.

This new app is aimed to help people explore and share their surroundings. There’s a gallery full of photo spheres that people have contributed, and it allows you to contribute your own. This app replaces the Photo Sphere app on iOS, and comes built in with the photo sphere camera on both platforms. You can take beautiful 360 degree photos and share them for all to see.

Not only can you use your own camera, but the app has support for 360 degree cameras like the Ricoh Theta S and the NCTech iris360. All photo spheres taken will also appear on Google Maps for regular folks to see. If you want to download the app to your Android device, head over here to the Play Store!

Source: Google Maps Blog

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