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Google updates conditions search, now features over 900 diseases

Google Health Conditions Search update

Google health conditions search is a nifty feature that pops up relevant information when you search for various health conditions. Instead of having to look through sites, Google has gathered this info and shows a card for easy access to the info you need. And now the feature has gotten even better.

Google has updated this search with support for more diseases, totaling over 900 conditions¬†and their symptoms, treatments, and more. The company has also refined the search so adding “symptoms” to the search will take you to the symptoms tab of the card. And lastly, a “Download PDF” option has been added so you can take this info to your doctor.

While Googling health conditions and self diagnosing isn’t always a good idea, staying informed is. So the new improvements can really help those who feel ill, or those in the middle of a disease outbreak.

Source: Inside Search

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