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Google’s Pixel C is a 10.2-inch Android Marshmallow tablet with a detachable keyboard and lightbar

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Up until this point, the Pixel lineup has been reserved for ChromeOS and laptops, but it looks like Google is looking to shake things up a bit. According to a new report, there’s a new device coming down the pipe that will bear the Pixel name, but this one’s running Android.

A report published by Android Police says that the new tablet is called the Pixel C and that it will measure in at 10.2 inches. That screen will reportedly feature a pixel per inch count of 308, and a backlight capable of 500 nits. As far as other features go, the Pixel C will boast an NVIDIA X1 quad-core processor under the hood, but what it will be clocked at remains a mystery. It will be paired with a Maxwell GPU. There will be 3GB of RAM, too.

The build quality will still be Pixel-level, so it will still have that premium feel, and the report also suggests that the new Pixel C will look like the 2015 Chromebook Pixel, just without the keyboard attached to it. There will be a keyboard accessory, though. Two of them, in fact. One will be aluminum and the other leather, and they’ll charge automatically when they’re closed. The Pixel C will also feature a USB Type-C port.

The Pixel lightbar will be present on the back of the tablet and will glow to show the battery life remaining in the device.

As far as pricing goes, the report suggests that it won’t be cheap and that it could launch as early as this November. Just one more thing for Google to announce at the company’s media event on September 29.

If the Pixel C is real, and based on the rumored specs, would you pick one up?

Source: Android Police

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