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Image of LG device with ticker display leaked

LG V10 ticker

Secondary ticker displays aren’t exactly new. Samsung gave it a shot with the Continuum, a Verizon Galaxy S variant with a second display at the bottom that showed extra information. It didn’t work out too well due to lack of support and functionality, but it looks like LG is willing to give it a shot.

This leaked image is of the LG V10. You can see the secondary ticker display at the top displaying icons, likely quick shortcuts to some of your favorite apps. Hopefully it has a lot more functionality, instead of being a useless shortcut bar. Being at the top of the screen doesn’t really help, unless it shows important information.

There are also two cameras from the looks of it, as the sensors are by the earpiece. We’ll have to wait for more info, but it’s an intriguing device so far. Do you think a ticker display could be useful in any way?

Via: Android Police

Source: @evleaks

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