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In congested areas, AT&T won’t throttle customers until they hit 22GB of data


The task of managing grandfathered unlimited data plans has been a bit tricky for some carriers. Most have implemented a throttling system that prevents customers from taking up too much of the network with their data usage. With AT&T, unlimited data users in congested areas used to be able to use up to 5GB of data before they would be throttled. In a surprise move, AT&T has more than quadrupled that amount by bumping the data usage cap in congested areas to 22GB.

While this only affects customers who are grandfathered into plans with unlimited data, it should prove to be a popular move that allows the affected customers to take much more advantage of their unlimited data. The change likely stems from network improvement on AT&T’s side, as well as the fact that only a small percentage of AT&T’s customers actually have unlimited data, thus decreasing the chances of network abuse.

Do you have unlimited data with AT&T? What do you think of this change?

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