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Nextbit adding a Verizon option to successful Robin phone Kickstarter campaign


Nextbit, the company founded by former Google and HTC employees, has had a solid response to their Robin smartphone on Kickstarter with over a million dollars in funding so far.

If you need a refresher, the Robin is trying to capitalize on the rising interest in solid mid-range offerings, much like Motorola and perhaps now HTC. Unlike some of the other competitors in this space, it seems that Nextbit isn’t cutting too many spec corners with the Robin as it offers NFC, a fingerprint reader, and quick charging. This is in addition to the real magic that they are pushing with the 100GB of cloud storage that is included with every device, which¬†will supposedly balance your on-device storage and prevent you from basically ever running out of space.

However, one feature that was missing from the initial launch was availability on one of the biggest carriers in the U.S., Verizon. This Friday that will be rectified, and a new version of the Robin supporting Verizon bands will be available, with early bird units at just $299 and then $349 for the duration of the Kickstarter. Unfortunately, this is not an update to the original hardware, but a separate SKU, so don’t make plans to bring your Verizon Robin over to AT&T or T-Mobile later. There is also no word on a Sprint model, but that’s an understandable omission for the start-up.

If you are interested in getting in on that early bird discount for the Verizon Robin, you need to have your Kickstarter trigger finger ready at noon Central time tomorrow.

Have any of you backed the Robin already or for you Verizon customers are you going to jump on board?


Source: Kickstarter: Nextbit Robin Smartphone

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