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Nextbit Robin picks up Sprint support as well


On September 17, Nextbit, the company that’s building a smartphone that’s focused almost entirely on the cloud, announced that its previously GSM-only device would be gaining Verizon Wireless support. For the CDMA fans out there, the good news isn’t over just yet.

On September 23, Nextbit announced that the Robin officially supports Sprint as well. Moving forward, there are now just two versions of the handset: GSM and CDMA, with the GSM variant supporting AT&T, T-Mobile and international networks, while the CDMA variant now covers Verizon and Sprint. For anyone that has already backed the Robin on Kickstarter, you’ll now be able to choose between the two options for the final device.

The inclusion of a CDMA variant of the Robin is pretty big news across the board considering that the presence of a small manufacturer like Nextbit on Verizon, or even Sprint, is pretty uncommon. Usually these phones find their way to GSM networks only, so any Verizon or Sprint subscribers out there wishing they could get the Robin, your wish has been granted.

Do you plan on picking up a Robin?

Source: Nextbit (Kickstarter)

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