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Nexus team members hit Reddit for an AMA on Nexus 5X and 6P


A few members of the Nexus team — Hiroshi Lockheimer, David Burke, Krishna Kumar and Sandeep Waraich — took to Reddit a few hours ago to answer those burning questions everyone had about the new Nexus devices.

There are over 1900 comments in total, so there’s a good chance that if you had a question about either of the new devices, it might be in there.

We’ll give you some of the highlights here, but again click through the link below if you want to read the full list.

The question as to why wireless charging was left out this time around was one of the most popular. They attributed it to the ease of plugging in USB Type-C (no more which way is up?), the speed of charging with USB Type-C and finally that wireless charging added thickness to the device that they felt could be avoided.

Another popular question was regarding why the Nexus 5X still starts at 16GB. There was the serious answer, “strike a blance between premium features/experiences and affordability.” and then a less serious answer “It’s a conspiracy! MOVE TO THE CLOUD!”. You’ll have to decide which is more plausible. The serious answer was later applied again in response to why just 2GB of RAM in the 5X.

Details on the actual panel used in the 6P were asked for and the team produced that it was the latest generation panels from Samsung. Specifically it is a Samsung WQHD AMOLED panel and they were quite proud of the “very tight spec” that they created for it.

The mystery of what the X and the P stand for is solved, “X for the core of the Nexus Brand (plus it sounds cool!), P for premium.”

For T-Mobile Nexus hopefuls the team confirmed that they are working hard to get Band 12 support on Nexus devices before they ship.

The team also confirmed that both the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P support only USB 2.0 speeds and not USB 3.1 as some were reporting at the event.

Another excellent question was how Imprint keeps the fingerprints safe. They are stored on the device and processed in the “secure Trustzone protected area of memory.” The API doesn’t provide access to the fingerprints to apps and they are not stored by Google. Imprint was also touted as one of the team members favorite new features.

Those were some of the most interesting questions and answers to us, but there are plenty more, so feel free to share any other juicy nuggets you dig up below.

Source: Reddit

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