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Russia finds Google guilty in alleged anti-competitive practices


Russia isn’t exactly known as the beacon of fairness. So when Russia’s anti-monopoly agency found Google was guilty of abusing its market position after a complaint by Russian search engine Yandex, I couldn’t help but cringe.

Google was found guilty of competing with Yandex by pre-installing Google apps on Android devices. And why shouldn’t it? It’s Google’s OS, it’s only fair that Google installs its apps on the devices. Not only is that absolutely fair, it also helps the user, as those apps fit into the Google ecosystem Android is built on. Alternative apps are freely available on Google’s own Play Store and are not blocked or hard to get to.

Yandex is actually more popular than Google in Russia, but competition has gotten strong. With the popularity of Android rising, it seems Yandex is worried about its position. No better time to complain to the government, right?

This kind of stuff isn’t exclusive to Russia, of course: it happens everywhere. Microsoft was once sued for including Internet Explorer with Windows in multiple areas, being called anti-competitive for not including competing browsers with its own operating systems.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Is the Russian anti-monopoly agency in the right, or does Google have the right to bundle its apps with its operating system? Leave a comment!

Source: Yahoo

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