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Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play edition finally getting Android 5.1 update


You thought you’d never hear about this device again, but it’s back in the spotlight, probably for the final time. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play edition was a device that was part of an effort to make smartphones available with stock Android instead of the skin that comes on the regular models. However, the project was killed off long ago.

The Galaxy S4 GPe is back in the news because it’s finally getting its Android 5.1 update. No, it’s not Android 5.1.1, but it’s still an improvement over the old software. This also means it likely has all the latest fixes, like the Stagefright patch.

If you still own this device, head over to settings and update it. It’ll add a good bit of life to an old but very usable device. Plus, stock Lollipop just can’t be beat!

Via: SamMobile

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