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Samsung introduces new DDR4 RAM that can go up to 6GB


Though things have improved in recent times, the mobile phone world is still caught in a massive specs race. As a result, manufacturers are continuously looking for ways to pack more into their devices. Samsung has just introduced a new DDR4 variant of RAM that will allow the company to do just that.

The new RAM is properly known as 12 gigabit LPDDR4 mobile RAM, signifying its speed and designation as RAM for mobile phones. The new RAM currently offers the highest mobile RAM speeds available, as well as energy efficiency and a design that allows it to fit in devices that currently have 3GB RAM. The new 12 Gb DDR4 RAM will come in two package options of 3GB or 6GB of RAM, making Samsung the first to come up with a mobile option for 6GB of RAM.

The new RAM will likely be found in devices beginning next year, though Samsung hasn’t yet given specifics on a release date. With the new speed and size options, next-gen flagships will likely have incredibly powerful multi-tasking capabilities, placing them far ahead of the current crop.

We’ll keep you posted on when this RAM can be found in devices.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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