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Snapchat update will let you pay to Replay any Snap


Snapchat is all about ephemeral messages that disappear after you view them, but starting today, you can pay for the ability to re-view a Snap.

A new Snapchat update is rolling out that includes the ability to buy Snap Replays. You can get three Replays for $0.99, but it’s worth noting that you can only Replay a Snap once, so you’ll have to be sure to pay attention the second time you view a Snap.

The addition of the ability to buy Snap Replays is notable because it’s the first time that we’ve seen Snapchat add an in-app purchase. It’s a way for the app to make money outside of advertising, and while $0.99 just to Replay some Snaps might sound like a lot of money to some, I bet that there are a lot of Snapchat addicts that’ll drop $0.99 on a pack of Replays like it’s nothing.

Also included in today’s Snapchat update is a feature called Lenses. To use the feature, you switch to your device’s front-facing camera and then press and hold on your face. You’ll then be able to swipe left between different Lenses, which add a weird feature to your face.


Rounding out the Snapchat update are some “fun surprises” like Trophies, which Snapchat will quietly award you for doing random things like earning a high Snapchat score or sending stores from Discover.

You can grab Snapchat for Android at the Google Play link below.

Via: Snapchat blog

Source: Google Play: Snapchat

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