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Unlocking your Moto X Pure Edition’s bootloader will void your warranty


The Moto X Pure Edition is no developer device, and Motorola wants us to know it. A Motorola rep on the company’s forums has commented with clarification on the warranty and bootloader unlocking policy. And just like with most devices, unlocking the bootloader will result in a voided warranty.

It’s not all bad. The rep says that obviously defective hardware like broken buttons and speakers, when not caused by physical abuse, will still be covered if your device has an unlocked bootloader. This will be under Motorola’s discretion, but it is a glimmer of hope for those who want to tinker with their device.

The same will apply to the extended Moto Care warranty, so paying extra won’t allow you to tinker freely. But this is everything we’ve come to expect from a device with an unlockable bootloader, so people shouldn’t be upset with Motorola.

Source: Motorola Forums

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