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Verizon adds XX-Large plan with 18GB of shareable data

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With shake-ups happening all over the wireless industry, Verizon recently got on board and revamped its plan set-up to simply be the Verizon Plan, which includes unlimited talk, text and a shareable amount of data for a set price depending on how much data you purchase. Then, you pay a monthly charge per device on the plan, with a $20 charge for smartphones and $10 or $5 charges for things like tablets and smartwatches.

The company’s largest data option was 12GB for $80/month, with an extra $15/GB after that. Now, Verizon is adding an even larger option of 18GB of data for $100/month, giving customers an extra 6GB of data for just $20 more per month. It’s good to see that Verizon is listening to customer feedback and adding the larger plan option that many have asked for, as $15/GB gets pricey pretty quickly.

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