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Review: Daily Calculator

Daily Calculator feature

Most devices come with a calculator app pre-installed by the manufacturer. These apps are generally functional, easy enough to use and are capable of completing the day-to-day calculations smartphone users need.

Therefore, creating a third-party calculator app that is compelling enough for users to go out of their way to install is a difficult task. Daily Calculator from TricolorCat is a simple calculator app that aims to differentiate itself from the competition through its ease of use and customizable design. But can it beat out your stock calculator app?

The app, available for free from Google Play, is certainly easy to use. The UI is like that of most calculator apps — nothing radical here — meaning you can dive straight in. This simplicity is both a pro and a con of Daily Calculator. On the one hand, it’s perfect for those looking to complete simple calculations on the go or as a replacement calculator app if your OEM of choice’s calculator app is not to your liking. The large keys and predictable layout make using it as straightforward as can be, and the app is very responsive meaning you can get in, make your calculation, and get out with your answer easily. On the flip side, as it only supports basic arithmetic — addition, subtraction, multiplication and division — many functions have been stripped out to keep it so simple. If you want the functions of a scientific calculator, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Daily Calculator screens

That’s not to say Daily Calculator doesn’t have some handy features over many OEM calculator apps. By default, its memory keeps a track of all of your recent calculations so you can have quick access to the results for reference by tapping on the display area. There are also optional MR, MC, M+ and M- memory keys for when you’re completing a number of sums and need to use previously calculated values. You can quickly copy a result to your clipboard for sharing too by long pressing on the displayed result.

Daily Calculator, which works in portrait or landscape mode, supports some further customization and personalization, too. You can choose from 12 themes with a spectrum of Google-y colors and a couple of design aesthetics, as well as alter the keypad layout. The changes you can make, again, are not radical in order to maintain the simplicity, but you can tweak the app somewhat. There’s also support for international display formats — like 1,234.5 or 1.234,5 for example — to match the styling you’re used to.

Daily Calculator screens 1

Being free, Daily Calculator is ad-supported with one banner ad ever-present at the bottom of the screen. This won’t bug everyone, but those who are bothered can upgrade to the paid version to remove it.

If you are after a simple and easy to use calculator app to replace that which came on your phone, Daily Calculator is worth considering. Although basic, it has a few nifty features which give it an edge on some of the competition but it will be down to your personal tastes and needs as to whether it is worthy of replacing your current calculator of choice.

Check out Daily Calculator on Google Play where it is available to download for free.

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