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Review: Fax Plus

Fax Plus feature

In the age of email, sending a fax might seem a tad old school. The process of faxing is a hassle — printing a document, firing up the fax machine, scanning the document through, punching in the recipients number and waiting for it to print itself out at the other end. Despite faxing being a pain, many businesses and institutions still rely on it as a means of sending documents across locations but this system tends not to play nice with our increasingly mobile- and cloud-based lifestyles.

Fax Plus, from Softxpert, aims to bridge the gap between conventional fax machines and our smartphones. The free app allows you to send a scanned document. stored PDF file or image to any fax number in the world without the need to access a fax machine yourself. Fax Plus screens 1 The free app is easy to use and there’s no need to register for an account to use Fax Plus. When you open the app, simply hit the new fax button in the lower right and select the file PDF file or image from you gallery to send as a fax. You can select locally stored items or those in your cloud accounts with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and the like. If you have Softxpert’s Smart Document Scanner app installed (or any other document scanning app), you can also easily scan in paper documents and fax them with Fax Plus.

Once you’ve selected the document to send, choose the destination country, add in the recipient’s fax number and hit send. Fax Plus does the rest. You’ll get live delivery status updates in the app which will show you which documents have arrived at their destination in real time, or a notification in your drawer on delivery. Fax Plus screens 2 Operating a traditional fax machine, particularly when sending documents internationally, can be expensive. Fax Plus offers a flat-rate fee regardless of geographic location. In the app, you can purchase a “Fax Balance” — the number of pages you can send before needing to purchase more. These credits can be bought as in app purchases and are reasonable per page if you buy one of the larger packages. Unfortunately, Fax Plus does not provide a complimentary Fax Balance at all so you’ll need to purchase some pages before you can test it out for yourself. Having tested Fax Plus with a few documents, the results were exactly as expected and essentially the same as using a fax machine to send the files.

The Fax Plus app itself is fairly plain in terms of design — it’s certainly a case of function over form for Fax Plus — but its simple, Material Design-infused looks aid its ease of use.

If you need to send a fax to someone, frequently or not, Fax Plus is a useful solution and certainly cheaper than investing in a fax machine of your own. Paired with Smart Document Scanner, you can quickly and easily scan and send your documents and see when they have been delivered. If you keep all your files stored digitally, it’s just as easy to fax someone a hard copy right from your cloud account in Fax Plus. Because of that, Fax Plus comes highly recommended — it does just one thing, but does it well which will please those who need it.

Check out Fax Plus on Google Play where it is available to download for free.

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