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Google Creative Labs releases pretty and useful live wallpaper called Meter

Meter live wallpaper

Google Creative Labs has released a few weird apps in the past, though I don’t think I could call them truly useful. But the latest app the team has released is a live wallpaper, and surprisingly, it’s pretty useful.

Meter is just that: a live wallpaper that shows a meter that you select. The ball is battery life, and as your battery dies, the ball inside shrinks. The triangle is signal strength, which moves up and down with, you guessed it, signal strength. The third is notifications, which has rectangles representing how many notifications you currently have.

Not only does it show pretty useful information, but it also features gyroscope support, so moving your device around moves the wallpaper around. It’s quite cool and it’s free, so hit the source link to check it out!

Via: Android Police

Source: Play Store: Meter

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