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SwiftKey 6 beta brings double word predictions and more

SwiftKey 5

SwiftKey is getting another huge update, the biggest since the SwiftKey 5 update last year that made the keyboard free. It may not be as big as that, but it’s still pretty significant.

The biggest change is the addition of double word predictions. The keyboard is now able to predict two words at once, making typing with the predictions much faster. This is available for over 100 languages, every one that SwiftKey supports.

Smaller changes are a new emoji panel, a new light carbon theme, and a revamped settings menu (which hasn’t been done since 2010). The new settings should be a great touch.

SwiftKey 6 is now available in beta form for people to check out, and the final update will roll out to everyone soon after. If you want to check out the beta, hit the source link!

Via: SwiftKey Blog

Source: Play Store: SwiftKey Beta

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