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Android 6.0 adds the ability to translate text within apps


As part of its move to simplify processes and make things easier for users, Google has added a very useful feature to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Users can now translate text directly within select apps. If a user has Translate installed on their device that’s running Marshmallow, they can simply go to a supported app, select the desired text and then press the translate option that will appear beside the options of copy and share.

The process is extraordinarily simple and should prove to be very beneficial, particularly for those who have formerly needed to copy the text and paste it into Translate just to see what something says. While not all apps are currently supported, the list does include some big names such as TripAdvisor, WhatsApp and LinkedIn. Other developers can easily add the feature to apps with custom text selection.

Source: Google Translate Blog

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