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Android-powered Light L16 camera poised to challenge DSLR dominance

Light-L16 (3)

How much would you be willing to pay for a pocketable camera that takes DSLR-quality pictures? Does $1,699 sound reasonable? A new company named Light is working on an Android-powered camera that features 16 lenses and sensors that work in unison to “capture more data in every shot,” resulting in computationally rendered 52-megapixel images. On top of that, the varying focal lengths (ranging from 35mm-150mm) of the 16 different lenses allow you to tweak the depth of field and focal point after the image has been captured. The Light L16 is essentially a mix between the HTC One M8 (minus the phone) and the Lytro camera with a dose of Hulk serum.

The Light L16 camera features a 5-inch touchscreen display, a xenon flash and a dedicated camera shutter button. The body of the L16 is roughly the same size of a Nexus 6, but the 16 folded optics, horizontally stacked camera lenses and sensors do increase the thickness substantially.

Light-L16 (1) Light-L16 (2) Light-L16 (3) Light-L16 (4) Light-L16 (5) Light-L16-LOWLIGHT-1 Light-L16-ZOOM-35mm-1 (1) Light-L16-ZOOM-35mm-1 (2) Light-L16-ZOOM-35mm-1 (3) light-l16-folded-optics-1 light-l16-folded-optics-2

The promise of a pocketable super camera is quite intriguing. The Light L16 will sell for $1,699 when it does on sale in mid 2016, but Light is offering a $400 discount to anyone who’s willing to reserve the L16 during the month of October. There’s no guarantee that the Light L16 will fare any better than the two different cameras Lytro has released, but it’s exciting to see startups willing to step into the imaging arena and challenge the entrenched players with new concepts.

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