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Apple releases Beats Pill+ app for Android

Beats Pill plus app

Apple’s second application for Android happens to be far more useful than its first. Move to iOS is an app that assists in moving away from Android, so you can imagine that a lot of Android fans didn’t have particularly positive feelings about it. But this one is pretty good.

Beats Pill+ is an app to control the Beats Pill+ speaker, though you probably guessed that. It has some cool features, like an amplify mode for two speakers to play the same audio, and a stereo mode so two speakers play their respective channels. It also allows another person to connect to the speaker and play music with you.

Little extras are a charge indicator and the ability to rename the speaker. Despite the iOS user interface, it looks to be a pretty decent app. There may be some compatibility issues that need to be fixed, but if you have one of these speakers, hit the source link to download the companion app!

Source: Play Store: Beats Pill+

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