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AT&T and T-Mo planning to let you use multiple devices under one phone number

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AT&T has announced its plans for NumberSync, a service that will allow you to use multiple devices with one phone number. This doesn’t only apply to smartphones, either: AT&T says that everything from tablets to wearables can be used with your phone number.

The service will depend on your devices being connected to AT&T, so there won’t need to be a direct connection between your primary phone and other devices. Your primary phone can even be turned off. Your other devices will be able to make calls, check voicemail, and send texts using your regular number.

T-Mobile is following suit, announcing its own service to share one number across multiple devices. In classic T-Mo fashion, the company claims that its service will be far better than AT&T’s from day one. T-Mobile operating chief Mike Sievert said, “Our strategy is to ask customers what they want and need, and then build it. AT&T’s is to build or buy things, and then try to convince customers they asked for it.” This is despite AT&T announcing the same service first, but T-Mo has to make some sort of controversial statement, don’t they?

Sprint has announced that it is considering its own version of the service, though there is no official announcement.

This type of service sounds like a great idea and will free people from the constant connection to their phones. Forgetting your phone won’t be so bad soon. No launch dates have been given so far. What do you think of these services? Will you be using them whenever they launch? Leave a comment!

Source: AT&T Blog, ReCode

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