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AT&T Data Perks gives you extra data for completing offers


In an age where all of the carriers are getting more competitive, some of them are resorting to pretty creative measures. AT&T launched Data Perks this morning, which is its new service that allows customers to complete partner offers, such as surveys, and rewards them by adding data to their AT&T plan. Partner offers include tasks such as completing a survey, watching an ad or shopping at a partner store.

While it’s a novel concept, Data Perks has a drawback in the fact that it only offers tiny amounts of extra data for completing the offers, such as 25MB or 50MB. Within the app, users can save an unlimited amount of data before they need to transfer it into their account, which is capped at an extra 1000MB per billing cycle. Once the data enters your monthly AT&T data bucket, it’s only good until the end of the billing cycle. In short, it’s a lot of effort for very little reward. Unless you really play it smart to save yourself from a data overage, Data Perks doesn’t offer much.

Data Perks is available on Android and iOS and is a free download within either Google Play or the App Store.

AT&T Data Perks

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Source: AT&T

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