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Early version of Apple Music for Android shown off

Apple Music for Android leak

We know that Apple Music is coming to Android this fall, but we haven’t heard any news about Apple’s progress in porting the app to our favorite operating system. Thankfully, Mobile Geeks finally has something to show off.

This is a very early copy of the app for Android. The iOS aesthetics remain to an extent, but a slide out menu was added seemingly to Android standard. Since iOS has all app settings in the Settings app and not in the app itself, a whole new settings menu had to be added for convenient access without leaving the app.

A lot of features don’t work, like signing in using your Apple ID, but this is expected from an early access app like this. But progress is being made, so we’ll get our hands on the final version soon enough. Will you give Apple Music a try? Leave a comment!

Source: Mobile Geeks

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