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Facebook expanding the Like button with experimental Reactions

Facebook Reactions

Mark Zuckerberg recently inferred that Facebook was looking to expand its Like button, leading many to believe that the oft-requested Dislike button was coming. Facebook calmed those rumors, and has now revealed its new experiment that may become the expanded Like button. Facebook Reactions is a set of six emoji that will sit alongside the standard Like button, allowing Facebook users to better express their feelings about a post.

Reactions gives off vibes of the reaction buttons that social network Path used, which had five emoji that you could choose from. In comparison to a Dislike button, Reactions are much better, offering a wider array of emotions to choose from and avoiding the negative connotations that come with a Dislike button, which raised concerns of cyber-bullying.

Facebook isn’t making Reactions worldwide just yet. The company will begin testing the feature within Ireland and Spain. Both countries have relatively isolated friend groups within their countries, allowing for a closer-knit test market to gather research from. They also offer the chance to see how Reactions plays with English and non-English speakers, and whether it needs to be tweaked for different countries.

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Via: TechCrunch

Source: Facebook

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