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Google plans to fold Chrome OS into Android

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Mobile is the future, and Google has pursued both Android and Chrome OS as mobile platforms for a while now. Chromebooks still haven’t been doing well, accounting for 3% of all PCs purchased, but Android has been excelling. The strategy of using a platform for apps seems to be working a lot better than bringing apps to the web.

Google might be giving up on Chrome as a platform soon, as the company is planning to fold Chrome OS into Android. Lately Google has been bringing Android apps to Chrome OS, and it has even released a Pixel product running Android instead of Chrome OS. The company may be giving up on the platform, to a degree.

Google¬†has been working on a new version of Android that is basically a combination of Android and Chrome OS to run on PCs for the last two years. It will be shown off next year, but won’t be ready until 2017.

While this is a controversial decision, I think it’s for the best. Real apps have shown their superiority to web apps outside of compatibility, and Android is just a more powerful platform for anything more than web browsing. What do you think of this decision? Will it help Google and Android, or is Chrome OS being wrongfully killed off? Let us know in the comments!

Source: WSJ

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