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Google teases future Maps update that includes showing gas prices, adding detours

Google Maps Navigation update

Google Maps is a staple at this point for those that want to use a map service on their mobile device, and that’s due to the ridiculous amount of features that Google bakes into the software to make commuting even easier. That trend continues with an upcoming update the company is now teasing.

With an official blog post, Google is now teasing an upcoming update to Google Maps that will allow users to check the gas prices for stations near them, as well as add detours to their route, all without actually leaving Navigation mode. When the update lands, Maps users will be able to type in their destination, begin Navigation, and then select the magnifying glass near the top-right corner of the display, which will then populate options.

Google Maps Navigation update2

Those options, which will drop down, include gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, and more. Users will then be able to select an option to reroute their progress, or even type in a location manually or use voice commands to search for something that might not be readily available in the drop-down menu.

The update will be rolling out over “the next few weeks,” so keep an eye out if you use Google Maps regularly.

Source: Google Maps Lat-Long

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