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Google will let you see when your friends are willing to hang out with new ‘Who’s Down’ app

Google Who's Down app

Google has a new app, and this one’s designed to help you hang out with your friends. Just in case you aren’t actually communicating with them.

The app is called “Who’s Down,” and, as it is appropriately titled, it will let you know when your friends are willing to hang out. The app, like so many of Google’s past endeavors, is invite-only right now, but you can download and install it if you really want to. It’s free.

As far as functionality goes, the app is simple enough: Toggle a switch and tell your friends that you’re able to hang out. The timer will last for three hours, and then after you do that you’ll be able to select from a series of options that show what you’re interested in doing. There will be a list that will show which of your friends are also down to hang out.

What do you think of Google’s newest app?

Via: 9to5Google

Source: Who's Down

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